Saturday, November 26, 2016

T3 timing marks, G16 8v (T3 part 8)

 ---------------------------------------- timing marks

This is the "best" picture I have of a cam timing belt sprocket.  Note the two marks.  60A (in the yellow section) is the one for G16 motors.  Then about 4:30 is an "80C".  I have been told this is for a twin cam motor.  But you can see how it can be improperly installed, making the "80C" the "correct" mark.

Why the odd colors?  I do not have a picture of the completed paint job, but it now has yellow and black at the #4 position and a blue/white at the #1 position. I painted the sprocket so I could check the timing with the cover still on.  Here it is sitting at TDC #1 ready to fire.  (Positioned to install the distributor.)

This next picture is one of several reasons why:

If you look closely you will notice the small notch for TDC is no longer lined up with the key-way slot on the crank.  The outer ring has shifted a few degrees from the center, making the timing mark inaccurate.  This is the only Suzuki harmonic balancer I have seen that has shifted.  I have seen some older, 70's GM balancers almost 180 degrees out!

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